CS 100 — Introduction to Computer Science

Fall 2012

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Computers have infiltrated almost every aspect of modern life. While they play an increasingly significant role in our lives, their abilities and limitations can seem at times magical, mysterious, arbitrary, and frustrating. In this class we will peek behind the curtain to get an idea about what is really going on in there. We will learn how to really communicate with a computer by looking at what computers really understand and what the world of information looks like from their perspective. The goal of this class is not to turn you into computer scientists (though if you get excited by what you see and want to stay, we would be thrilled), our goal is to teach you how to think like a computer scientist so that you will better understand what the computer is actually doing and hopefully be better able to communicate what you want it to do.

This website will serve as the definitive guide to what is going on in the class. All lectures, assignments, notifications, and policies can be found here — check back often.

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